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2006-1/109 New Members JoinTheNet (III) - Trainings on health symptoms caused by sexual violence (PTSD)
2006-1/131 Aktiv gegen Zwangsheirat / Active against forced marriage
2006-1/134 Meta-analysis of the recommendations issued from the DAPHNE projects on intimate partner violence
2006-1/184 Ways of implementing the EU Directives on Violence against Women, Children and Youth: Good Practices and Recommendations
2006-1/185 A course for professionals working with women victims of stalking
2006-1/211 ProTrain: Improving multi-professional and health care training in Europe – building on good practice in violence prevention
2006-1/264 Violence intrafamiliale: Mineurs qui agressent leurs parents
2006-1/276 Breaking the Taboo - Empowering health professionals to combat violence against older women in families
2006-1/279 IMPROVE – Quality services for victims of domestic violence
2006-1/300 ISA: Increasing Self-Awareness - Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Assessing Risk of Repeated Victimisation and Enhancing Resiliency Strategies
2007-1/022 Realising Rights? Mapping content and assessing impact of EU legislation on violence against women and children
2007-1/033 Breaking the Cycle of Violence
2007-1/056 Intimate Partner Violence against Elderly Women
2007-1/058 A Comparative Analysis of Community Focused Initiatives Aimed at Supporting Women, Children and Young People Who Have Been the Focus of Violence, Exploitation or Trafficking in three regions of the United Kingdom, Germany and Romania
2007-1/059 JoinTheNet (IV) – All Over Europe
2007-1/100 PERSPECTIVE: Peer Education Routes for School Pupils to Enhance Consciousness of Tackling and Impeding Women Violence in Europe
2007-1/140 Estimated mortality by "Intimate Partner" Violence (marital violence) in Europe
2007-1/149 Empowering Women or perpetuating victimhood? Impact of domestic violence policy and practice for Minority Ethnic, Refugee and Roma women
2007-1/157 Prevalence Study of Abuse and Violence against Older Women (AVOW)
2007-1/170 X generation till non-violent relations


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