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2003-060-YC Streetwork and communication: a training guide, case study and good practices
2003-068-W Violence against women - Temporary shelter centres network - Website, conference - Shelters@net
2003-080-W HEIRAT II - Protection and Aid Measures for Female Marriage Migrants from Third Countries in the Member States of EU
2003-143-W Women victims of stalking - Impact and damage on the health of victims
2003-166-YC Prevention of bullying among children - Tolerance spinning - The BEYOND LUCY project
2003-215-C Childhood, disability and violence: Empowering disability organisations to develop prevention strategies
2003-243-WC Computerised assessment of risks of spousal assault in Europe - Assessment Guide SARA Canada
2004-1-149-W Development and implementation of the practical basis of a gender based treatment programme for violent men
2004-1-157-WYC Bridging gaps - Models of co-operation between women's NGOs and state authorities to prevent violence against women and children
2004-2-085-WYC The kit of Hope for children, teenagers and women victims of violence
2005-1-099-WY Speak out, Break out - From survival to life – Ways out of sexual violence
2005-1-136-YC Children with disabilities and Violence: primary prevention targeting families
2005-1-155-YC Parental alienation syndrome: analysis and prevention model
2006-1-053 Peer violence in the public space. Everyday experiences of young teenagers in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
2006-1-150 Developing national plans of action (PoA) to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) in the European Union
2006-1-238 Kinder und Jugendliche gegen Hausliche Gewalt – " Sprich mit mir!"
2006-1-270 PeerThink - Forderung einer intersektionalen Jugendgewaltarbeit
2006-1/024 Cooperation Against Trafficking in South-East Baltic (CATSEB)
2006-1/073 Estimation of the economic cost of conjugal violence in Europe (IPV EU_COST)
2006-1/077 Survivors speak up for their dignity – supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence


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