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2001-159-YC The MALTIDE Again Project - The role of Family Mediation in family break up
2001-161-YC Unaccompanied minor migrants- Research, analysis, information, recommendations
2001-163-YC Responding and managing conflict between young people in the school setting .
2001-169-W Trafficked women - Assistance to victims through reception centres
2001-189-YC Violence and abuse against minors - Recognition and prevention
2001-202-WYC AWARE I - Sexualized and gendered violence - Increasing awareness in educational organisations
2001-211-WYC Violence and human trafficking - Protection, advice and care of victims - Book, conference
2001-273-W Migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women - Radio campaign around International Day against Violence towards Women - Speak up !
2002-004-YC Adult sexual interest in children expressed through child pornograph - Telehealth resource, self help material and procedures
2002-049-WYC Rape - Legislative, police, and medical-psychological perspectives
2002-055-YC What works in child sexual exploitation - Spreading the word in Europe
2002-057-WYC State of domestic Violence in Southern Europe - The PENELOPE Project
2002-062-YC Helping abused children - Animated video and accompanying booklet for adults
2002-078-YC Against school violence, in particular sexual violence - Prevention strategies
2002-088-YC Prevent the repetition of violence against children and young people - Study, sharing good practices
2002-177-WY Help The Helper I - Health symtoms caused by sexual violence against women and girl (PTSD)
2003-008-WYC Protect people with learning disabilities from sexual abuse - User-led pilot sex education peer education project
2003-013-W Conjugal violence and rape - Indicators, data base
2003-025-W Femmigration 4 - Legal Agenda online for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women
2003-028-WYC Female genital mutilation (FGM) - Building on experiences and results from the early past - Basic IEC tool


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