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1999-169-C Learning disabilities against violence and bullying of children and young people - A campaign by people
1999-214-C Raising standards of practice of telephone helplines - Guidelines
1999-215-WC Online advice to children and young people on sexual violence and abuse
1999-268-W Violence towards disabled and battered women - Instrument for data - The IRIS project
1999-285-W Awareness raising in the workplace of the issue of domestic violence - Training module and information/publicity packs
1999-319-WC New models of support for victims of human trafficking - Kosovo
1999-330-WC Prevention of violence against women and young people Practical advice - Europa Rosa 2000
2000-018-WC Linking laws protecting women around the world - Women’s Link Worldwide
2000-046-W Campaigns and European observatories on violence against women - Breaking the silence - EWL 4
2000-060-W Prostitutes - Information for Russian, Moldavian, Bulgarian and Albanian prostitutes
2000-126-C Deliberate self-harm among children and adolescents in Europe
2000-129-WC Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography
2000-130-C Child Abuse and Adult Justice - A comparative pilot research project
2000-132-C Conflict resolution in schools - Piloting of a methodology focusing on the role of the mediator
2000-252-W VIOLETA 1 - Prevention of domestic violence - network of institutions, bodies and public administrations from EU
2000-330-WC Domestic violence in immigrants communities - Time to count the costs of violence against women - The Breaking Through project
2000-338-C Unaccompanied minors as a vulnerable group - Political action on a European level - The MinMig project
2000-351-C Children’s Rights - European Resource Network and Creative Activities Launching - Network, database
2001-021-W Femmigration 2 - Legal Agenda online for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women
2001-076-W Evaluation of medical care in conjugal violence - Comparative analysis and recommendations


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