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2006-1/147 Lighthouse - Health Institutions: A Place of Violence for Women with Disabilities? An Issue of Ethics and Human Rights
1997-018-W NGO capacity building to combat violence against women in the EU - EWL 1
1997-123-W Preventing domestic violence: European review of current practice
1997-249-WC Women Against Violence - Network of aid organizations - WAVE
1998-028-C Sexually abusive behaviour - Best practice and policy guidelines for staff, educators and social workers
1998-035-C Violence in the home. Animated film for children and young people
1998-065-C Building self confidence in children in the prevention of sexual abuse - Information Campaign for Parents
1998-086-W Statistical research on domestic violence in the European Union- EWL 2
1998-096-W Action and prevention for female migrants affected by trafficking
1998-121-W Counselling services for women affected by domestic violence and support activities
1998-127-WC Action against domestic violence - Transnational network of experts from NGO women’s projects
1998-193-WC On The Safe Side - Guidance to schools, women’s groups and community organisations about personal safety
1998-211-W Violent Men - What to do with them?
1998-215-WC For a true abolition of slavery
1998-230-WC European network of non-gouvernmental institutions to fight violence against women and children - WAVE
1999-044-WC Teenage tolerance to violence and abuse particularly in dating relationships - Research, on site support
1999-051-WC Breaking the cycle of violence in poor socio-economic conditions - The role of women
1999-064-W Strategies initiated and developed by Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) themselves to combat violence - RESPECT
1999-066-WC Women, children and young people victims of violence - Training to service providers and standards of good practice - The SOPHIA project
1999-096-W Domestic violence - awareness raising, training and information for professionals and victims


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