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JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3250 Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect via Minimum Data set
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3008 WOM-POWER - Empowering women to fight against domestic violence through an integrated model of training, support and counselling
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3242 Who Where What. Supporting WITness CHildren Orphans From Femicide in Europe
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3092 KEEP ME SAFE: Empowering Young People with Learning Disabilities (YPWLD)
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3531 EPOGENDER - Gender Violence: Protocols for the protection of victims and effectiveness of protection orders. Towards an efficient implementation of Directive 2011/99/EU
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3253 TranSpace: transitional spaces for empowering disabled children and youth to protect themselves from community-based violence
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3175 CHANGE: Promoting Behaviour Change towards the Eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Practising Communities across the EU
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3448 Writing beyond the silence: promoting autobiographical writing competences to help survivors of gender violence
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/2995 Closing a protection gap 2.0: Implementing the Core Standards for guardians of separated children in Europe in practice, policy and legislation
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3176 GAP Work: Improving gender-related violence intervention and referral through youth practitioner training
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3274 Sport respects your Rights - Youth Sport stands-up for Youth
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3078 Empowering Care. Empowering girls in residential care against violence against women
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3086 Responding to Child to Parent Violence
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3106 Harmonised case management & data collection for 116000 hotlines for missing children
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3021 Empowering Women Rough Sleepers (WRS) To Protect Themselves from Violence on the Streets (Phase II)
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3272 COMUNAID Increasing the capacity of domestic workers of different origins to respond to sexual violence through community-based interventions
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3060 Mario II - Protect Children on the Move. Joint action to protect Central and South East European migrant children from abuse, exploitation and trafficking in Europe
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3224 MAKE-IT-SAFE Peer Experts
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3009 PIECES: Policy Investigation in Europe on Child Endangerment and Support