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1997-023-C Drug, alcohol, physical and sexual violence - ESCAPE
1997-123-W Preventing domestic violence: European review of current practice
1997-291-C Child Pornography - Internet Hotline Providers in Europe - The INHOPE Forum
1997-013-C Child sex abusers - Feasibility study on collection, exchange and use of personal data - CUPISCO
1997-096-WC Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) - Toward a Consensus
1997-808-W Multi-faceted publicity campaign to raise awareness and understanding of violence against women - ROKS
1997-235-WC Networking of combating male violence against women in the judiciary and police
1997-039-WC Joint work against sexual abuse - Training courses - Gaia
1997-182-WC Disabled girls and women - Prevention of sexual violence
1997-025-WC Protection against violence in their families for young women of muslim origin in Germany - PAPATYA
1997-132-C Youth campaign against commercial sexual exploitation of children - Film production
1997-408-W Trafficking of women for sexual purposes - Good social intervention practices in Italy, Spain and Greece
1997-014-C Seminar on sexual abuse of children - Network - Secrets that destroy
1997-102-C Audit of provision to protect children in the European Union
1997-810-WC Telephone helplines for children and young people - Youth-to-youth programmes
1997-249-WC Women Against Violence - Network of aid organizations - WAVE
1997-043-W Pilot project for women victims of trafficking - The LENA project
1997-197-WC Seminars on prevention of violence towards women and children in Europe
1997-028-C Child sexual abuse - Vision and reality - Save the Children Sweden
1997-133-W Domestic violence in rural areas : educate children and teachers