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1998-086-W Statistical research on domestic violence in the European Union- EWL 2
1998-133-W Strategies against the abuse of migrant domestic workers
1998-268-WC Testing a new organizational model of reception centres for minors who are victims of violence - Research and training
1998-125-WC Statistical study on the sexual abuse of women, young people and children with mental disability among the Andalusian population. The STOP project
1998-230-WC European network of non-gouvernmental institutions to fight violence against women and children - WAVE
1998-065-C Building self confidence in children in the prevention of sexual abuse - Information Campaign for Parents
1997-066-WC Help families facing drug-related violence against women and children - Grain de sable
1997-222-C Adolescent homosexuals - Information, public opinion, research, training courses - Who are these girls, these boys?
1997-037-WC Victims in Europe surviving through assistance - VESTA
1997-174-C Self-Harm among children and young people - International network
1997-428-C Ending of physical punishment of children campaign - Promote child-rearing
1997-021-C Pilot project to establish a European network for the prevention of child abuse
1997-122-C The BridgeALERT - Tool to protect children against violence - Identification of people and situations (NCH)
1997-807-C EU regional information and action on child abuse - The online child protection resource
1997-290-C RESPECT - Campaign against bullying in schools - Training, poster competitions
1997-012-C Missing and sexually abused minors - Inventory of organizations, creation of an expert's network
1997-088-WC Marriage training to prevent domestic violence - Conferences
1997-233-WC Sexual violence at universities - Research, conference
1997-038-C European Internet Action - Safer for safer for children and young people
1997-177-WC Violence and abuse of autistic women and children