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1998-065-C Building self confidence in children in the prevention of sexual abuse - Information Campaign for Parents
1998-193-WC On The Safe Side - Guidance to schools, women’s groups and community organisations about personal safety
1998-040-W Prevention of violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar for volunteers.
1998-117-WC Multi-agency approach to domestic violence - Sensitise decision-makers and policy-makers - Conferences
1998-146-WC Prevention of sexual violence in adolescent males - Development of materials and methods
1998-273-WC Assist women and children trafficked into Italy from Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America - From the street to autonomy
1998-096-W Action and prevention for female migrants affected by trafficking
1998-126-WC The nature of domestic violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking in women through the medium of television and cinema.
1998-237-WC National Network against Violence and Women Traffic - Free Women
1998-070-W Women refugees - Sexual exploitation and trafficking - Awareness campaign
1998-118-C Helplines for children and emergency management - Virtual training course for helpline operators
1998-203-WC Christian education and action to resist domestic violence and sexual abuse
1998-043-WC Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation around military bases - Developing best professional practice
1998-152-W Sexual harassment in the workplace - AFRONTAR
1998-019-C Child sexual-abuse - Victims and perpetrators rehabilitation - For professionals
1998-108-W Understanding men’s violence against women. Awareness raising among authorities and the public
1998-127-WC Action against domestic violence - Transnational network of experts from NGO women’s projects
1998-245-W Developing prevention campaigns for non EU - trafficked women in Puglia - Information campaign
1998-072-C Training to professionals working with children victims of sexual abuse
1998-119-WC Analysis of the mechanisms of the Spanish criminal justice system in the overrepresentation of Roma women in prisons.