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1999-169-C Learning disabilities against violence and bullying of children and young people - A campaign by people
1999-285-W Awareness raising in the workplace of the issue of domestic violence - Training module and information/publicity packs
1999-057-W The role of the media in the prevention of violence towards women - Instruments for the use by journalists
1999-158-C School Response and Resources in Helping Children and Young People Exposed to Domestic Violence
1999-267-W The extent of sexual harassment in working relationships - The PANDORA II project
1999-042-WC Teenager’s and Women’s Emergency Services - Helpline (VOICES)
1999-112-C Child and Adolescent Self-Harm in Europe - A study
1999-215-WC Online advice to children and young people on sexual violence and abuse
1999-288-WC Prevention of violence against women and children - Training, sensibilisation of professional groups in the framework of WAVE
1999-019-C Young perpetrators - Action plan for Europe
1999-093-W Victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation - Assistance of Women - Perspective of the violation of human rights
1999-175-C Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in the Educational Field - Evaluation and Targetting of Vulnerable Groups
1999-064-W Strategies initiated and developed by Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) themselves to combat violence - RESPECT
1999-160-C NCH - Assessing Risk in Protecting Children from Abuse or Neglect - Conference - Child Care Development Service
1999-268-W Violence towards disabled and battered women - Instrument for data - The IRIS project
1999-044-WC Teenage tolerance to violence and abuse particularly in dating relationships - Research, on site support
1999-117-C Linguistic structures and their consequences on domestic violence in the school and social contexts
1999-219-WC Prevention of family violence against young girls and women with Muslim backgrounds - Networking
1998-112-C Analysis of male violence in the Armed Forces and assistance to victims and their families
1998-159-C A prevention programme for female adolescents and women in training and education - Setting-up networks