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2000-129-WC Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography
2000-332-W Creation of a European Information Centre on Violence against Women - Europe-wide database
2000-027-W Gender, masculinity and violence - Conference/speaking tour with representatives from men's organisations
2000-269-WC Working with violent men as part of a multi-agency approach to tackling domestic abuse
2000-092-WC Muslim women across Europe - Voices from behind the veil
1999-044-WC Teenage tolerance to violence and abuse particularly in dating relationships - Research, on site support
1999-117-C Linguistic structures and their consequences on domestic violence in the school and social contexts
1999-219-WC Prevention of family violence against young girls and women with Muslim backgrounds - Networking
1999-025-C Violence in children aged 6-13 - Study of vulnerability in Europe - The EVE project
1999-096-W Domestic violence - awareness raising, training and information for professionals and victims
1999-201-W Network for fighting the phenomenon of trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation - IWS-NET International
1999-318-W Sexual exploitation - End their enslavement by pimps - The Cabiria 2000 project
1999-066-WC Women, children and young people victims of violence - Training to service providers and standards of good practice - The SOPHIA project
1999-161-WC Rape - The forgotten issue - Promoting a network
1999-271-WC Violence against women and children - Legislative texts, CD-Rom, conference, recommendations
1999-048-WC Violence towards migrant women - professional strategies on the cultural approach
1999-129-C On-line training for operators of helplines for children - European helplines web-service
1999-232-WC Research and information campaign on violence against women, children and teenagers in the county of Ioannina (Greece)
1999-027-W Violence against women and children - Information and action
1999-101-C Children, violence and the media in an expanding Europe - Guidelines, training materials and techniques