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2000-064-C Directory of organisations working in the area of missing and sexually exploited children
2000-190-W European network of health care relating to conjugal violence
2000-395-C The phenomenon of bullying - Intervening in locations where youths meet informally - The LUCY project
2000-037-WC Prevention of violence against women sex workers - Catalogue of good practices
2000-129-WC Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography
2000-332-W Creation of a European Information Centre on Violence against Women - Europe-wide database
2000-092-WC Muslim women across Europe - Voices from behind the veil
2000-269-WC Working with violent men as part of a multi-agency approach to tackling domestic abuse
2000-017-WC Assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings - Integration of victims in countries of destination - EU6
2000-065-C Sexually abusive behaviour (SAB) - Training programme for educational staff working in residential institutions
2000-234-W Combat domestic violence - preventative training through existing local educational organisations or groups - The POMBA project
2000-039-W Migrant Domestic Workers Act Against Violence - Acting Together !
2000-130-C Child Abuse and Adult Justice - A comparative pilot research project
2000-334-W Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Awareness-raising, training and information for General Practitioners - None touches Eve
2000-106-WC Prevalence of violence and its health consequences - Statistical data on violence and sexual assault in Denmark and Finland.
2000-274-C Violence against children in cases of family break-up - Identifying levels of distress - The MATILDE project
2000-018-WC Linking laws protecting women around the world - Women’s Link Worldwide
2000-066-WC Battered women and their children - Local collaboration between agencies, organisations, popular movements and companies in the community
2000-241-WC Violence in the home and mental illness - Comparative analysis, training for practitioners involved with parental mental illness
2000-046-W Campaigns and European observatories on violence against women - Breaking the silence - EWL 4