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2000-022-C Evaluation and treatment of victims of intra family sexual abuse and their sexual aggressors - The KALEIDOS project
2000-072-W Women who are victims of physical and psychological violence in High Normandy
2000-252-W VIOLETA 1 - Prevention of domestic violence - network of institutions, bodies and public administrations from EU
2000-012-WC Domestic Abuse Strategy Initiative - Promote the benefits of a multi-agency to other European countries - The DASI project
2000-060-W Prostitutes - Information for Russian, Moldavian, Bulgarian and Albanian prostitutes
2000-150-WC Violence against female migrants - Improve access to women’s shelters, emergency hotlines, intervention services
2000-387-W Services for refugee women requesting asylum in cases of gender-related violence - The MALIKA Project
2000-126-C Deliberate self-harm among children and adolescents in Europe
2000-330-WC Domestic violence in immigrants communities - Time to count the costs of violence against women - The Breaking Through project
2000-027-W Gender, masculinity and violence - Conference/speaking tour with representatives from men's organisations
2000-076-WC Women victims of violence or at risk - Development of a board game intended to learn about rights and empowerment
2000-265-WC Identifying the health needs of trafficked women and adolescents - Ethical guidelines for interviewing women victims of trafficking
2000-014-W FemMigration 1 - Legal Agenda online for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women
2000-064-C Directory of organisations working in the area of missing and sexually exploited children
2000-190-W European network of health care relating to conjugal violence
2000-395-C The phenomenon of bullying - Intervening in locations where youths meet informally - The LUCY project
2000-129-WC Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography
2000-332-W Creation of a European Information Centre on Violence against Women - Europe-wide database
2000-037-WC Prevention of violence against women sex workers - Catalogue of good practices
2000-092-WC Muslim women across Europe - Voices from behind the veil