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JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9935 CYBERVAW – Cyber Violence and Harassment against Women and Girls
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9946 Stop Violence against Women: From (A)wareness to (Z)ero Victims Blaming
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9945 Circle of CHANGE: Preventing and combating violence against women and girls through gender equality awareness
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9940 Building more effective protection: transforming the system for combating violence against women
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9938 VSRI - Preventing Sexual Violence in Intimate Partner’s Relationships
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9936 EPRAS - Enhancing Professional Skills and Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence, Violence against Women and Shelter Services
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9948 Manuela Programme Project
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9937 Break the silence – End violence against women
JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA/9944 Awareness-raising campaign on Zero Tolerance of Violence against Women “Violence likes silence”
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/MULT/9609 Project deSHAME
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/VICT/9328 ASVARW - Addressing Sexual Violence against Refugee Women
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV/8494 Ending Sexual Harassment and Violence in Third Level Education (ESHTE)
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/VICT/9264 Building a safety net for migrant and refugee women
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/MULT/9746 Multi-agency response for reporting of GBV in maternal health services (RESPONSE)
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/VICT/9344 Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV/8490 Draw the line – Training and empowering immigrant women to prevent sexual violence and harassment
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/VICT/9266 ELFO – Empowering guardians, Legal representatives and Foster families of children deprived of parental care against violence through child rights
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV/8562 Bystanders: Developing bystander responses to sexual harassment among young people
JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/MULT/9748 Tell me the story - Development of expert teams for multi-sectoral cooperation in cases of children - victims or at risk of violence