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JUMIGG: Jugendliche Multiplikator innen gegen Gewalt - Young Multipliers against violence

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JUMIGG: Jugendliche Multiplikator innen gegen Gewalt - Young Multipliers against violence



JUMIGG Young Multipliers against violence was a pilot project on anti-violence education.

The project targeted 50 youngsters in Europe to make them become Multipliers against violence and thus widespread a anti-violent behaviour within their peer groups / communities.


Project activities and results

The first activity was the presentation of the project to various Youth Workers and Youth Politicians as well as to interested Journalists at the local youth government.

Three training sessions were implemented in all partner countries. In combination with this theoretical activity, youngsters worked as multipliers on site, with the aim of providing them with practical experience.

First training- multiplying phase

During the first training, youngsters got lessons from experts on the definition of violence.

This first multiplying activity was organized in the following way: In teams of two youngsters (mixed genders) and one coordinator, the youngsters went out for 3 hours an afternoon/evening with flyers in the neighbourhood of an event with the aim to get in contact to as much youngsters as possible.

Additional activities were organized: discussion in the framework of cult-cafés, sport event, screening of film about violence prevention, a magazine.

Second training- multipying phase

The second training focused on the prevention of violence.

During the second multiplying activity, youngsters shared their knowledge with other young people in the streets, in the parks or in the vicinity of the young (in vocational schools, bars, pubs, etc.).

Additional activities were organized: workshops, presentations and youngsters performed their self texted JUMIGG - against violence - song first time.

Third training- multiplying activities

This training concluded the second training and drew the conclusions of all implemented theoretical activities.

In the third multiplication phase, youngsters organized workshops and a theatre play.

Exchange program

This final activity represented the possibility to go out to visit another JUMIGG group with the youngsters.

Travelling and getting to know other youth in Europe, connecting to other cultures and developing new networks and connections was one of the most impressive experiences for all the young multipliers involved.

All in all, partners had contact with about 8750 youngsters on the project Europe wide.


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