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Artsafe & Conflict Transformation

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Artsafe & Conflict Transformation

The project addressed the lack of knowledge concerning hate violence by shifting the focus from support of victims to prevention of hate violence. The method it used was development of educational tools. A widespread access to effective tools for implementing in-school and out-of-school youth-to-youth intervention was granted in Spain, Greece, Germany and Portugal as part of the project.


The work done contributed to the change in knowledge and attitudes towards hate violence among target groups.  It also strengthened the focus on hate violence as a public and social problem. It worked on the acceptance of negative emotions and their incorporation in the everyday life in constructive ways.


It must be noted that the prevention element of the Artsafe project was fundamentally process -based in terms of the focus on the lessons learned through the process of development and delivery of educational programmes


Essentially, the project developed a youth led educational programme that introduced peer education as a radical innovation. It also used art as an experimental learning method. The project reflected the importance and the effectiveness of peer education, as well as the degree to which young people need to communicate.

The results of the project were disseminated at three different but complementary levels: employees of the participating organizations, the regions concerned and worldwide.