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Protecting children in child protection systems

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Protecting children in child protection systems

The summary of the project can be done addressing the activities performed and the outcomes from them in the following countries:



The project specifically aimed at empowering social operators (local public authorities and NGO’s) to better tackle the issue of violence against children in residential care. This aim was approached by offering social operators: a) tools to assess vulnerable areas for violence against children, b) training in accordance with identified gaps and frailties in child care system and c) a comprehensive publication that comprises an overview of violence in the Romanian child protection system together with tools and training materials that could be used to prevent different forms of abuse against children. The idea was to further protect children’s rights to be defended against violence in institutional care.



Two programs have been developed and piloted to install the missing processes in the child care. The impact is more balanced child care, which promotes the emotional well-being of both children and care-givers, preventing direct violence and neglect, as well as burn-out and turnover in child care institutions.



The project aimed at contributing to the improvement of management by social care providers of cases involving children in residential care, so as to guarantee their right to protection from any form of violence. Through extensive and shared scientific data research and literature, national and international meetings of context analysis and common reflection, specific training by experts, elaboration of violence indicators towards an evaluation tool, direct support with onsite visits and large dissemination of findings, the project successfully brought target child care workers to consider, build or rely on self assessment processes in the management of children in care cases.