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VIOLETA 1 - Prevention of domestic violence - network of institutions, bodies and public administrations from EU

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VIOLETA 1 - Prevention of domestic violence - network of institutions, bodies and public administrations from EU

Creation of a network made up of institutions, bodies and public administrations from various European territories, to promote and coordinate activities intended to identify women victims and prevent domestic violence.


More than 80 per cent of women suffering violence at home enter into a cycle of repeat violence. Children suffer the rebound effect. Women are confronted with a loss of autonomy and performance in their professional life (absence, psychosomatic illness, loss of self appreciation). This leads to negative behaviour, which, lived in guilt, is an obstacle to victims asking for their basic rights. Fighting against this type of violence, often considerate as ‘normal’ is a key aim of Daphne.
The project essentially comprised the setting-up of a network of organisations – in Spain in the first instance but with input and exchange of experience from two European partners – to identify women experiencing domestic violence and to initiate actions to prevent such violence.
The project included training programmes for professional and social experts, focusing on how to respond to situations of domestic violence affecting women, and the creation of multidisciplinary actions where the care of women victims of violence is coordinated.
The project also produced a manual and a CD-Rom containing a basic course for training professional groups in domestic violence issues.

Lessons and ideas

1. This project is a good example of national and transnational work. There was an excellent transfer of experiences and skills between the partners. The project profited from the high involvement of the transnational associates. VIOLETA was able to compare, adapt and integrate an efficient European process.
2.  An external evaluation noted particularly the high quality of the manual and CD-Rom and suggested they would be worth transfering to other Member States.

Material available

· Manual and CD-Rom containing the training module (Spanish)
· Final report
· Information leaflets