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Prevention of family violence against young girls and women with Muslim backgrounds - Networking

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Prevention of family violence against young girls and women with Muslim backgrounds - Networking

Reinforcement of a European network protecting girls and young women from minorities dealing with family violence, complemented by a study of European practice in this area and sensitising of support workers.


In the course of two earlier Daphne projects, the Turkish-German Women’s Association linked up a network of organisations and societies in several European countries who work in the area of offering aid to girls and young women, particularly migrant girls from Muslim countries and ethnic minorities.  This network had gradually become sufficiently large and stable enough to allow for a comparative study of the situation of migrant girls in Europe and make cooperative activities within Europe possible. Because most of these organisations are very specialised and, as a result of the necessity for secrecy and high security, are not able to attract too much publicity, it was felt that they would benefit all the more from cross-cultural contacts and discourses.
This project aimed to reinforce and develop further the national and EU-level network, started with 1997 Daphne funds, of organisations and NGOs working in the field andffering protection against violence to girls and young women from ethnic minority backgrounds. 
To support the development of the capacities of the network, the project also worked to compile a comparative analysis of existing youth help systems dealing with the problems of forced marriage, trafficking in girls and sexual violence in the ethnic communities. The partners also undertook awareness raising of related caring professionals such as social workers, doctors and teachers.

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