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LEXOP: Lex-Operators all together for women victims of intimate partner violence

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LEXOP: Lex-Operators all together for women victims of intimate partner violence



The overall goal of the project was the creation of a multidisciplinary network in which “lexoperators” coordinate and integrate themselves with other operators involved at different levels in combating intimate partner violence in order to provide a coordinated and integrated solution in protecting victims and prosecuting aggressors.


Project activties

The following activities were undertaken within the project:

  • local network protocols;
  • training models;
  • vademecums for operators;
  • website
  • a CD.

The activities started with a collection of existing materials of interest about violence (local reports and regulations) and an analysis of best practices.

On the basis of this preliminary research, national meetings with professionals of the network and partners of the project were organized, in order to create a protocol for networking. The meetings and training sessions among professionals (magistrates, attorneys, judiciary secretaries, law enforcement agency, medico-forensic, lawyers) resulted very interesting as they opened up communication among professionals of different areas. Two different training models were thus developed for lawyers and public operators.

As a result of the training sessions, two final vademecums for each training were produced, whose indirect beneficiaries were both the whole judicial system and the real or potential victims.

The web site (www.lexop.org) and the CD (containing all the materials already uploaded on the web site) both contributed to the dissemination of the materials used during the training and delivered to disciples.


Project results

Trainings built bridges and opened up communication among professionals of different area, thus allowing a transversal focusing and a critical perspective.

In particular, training models have the potential to keep giving lexoperators the chance to work among an integrated system and not make individual decisions.