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Women victims of stalking - Impact and damage on the health of victims

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Women victims of stalking - Impact and damage on the health of victims

Identification of models of appropriate intervention for professionals working with women who are victims of stalking.


The specific aim of this project was to analyse the impact on the health of victims of stalking and to develop recommendations for various groups (general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers) who are called upon to respond to the health requirements connected with such violence. The investigative methodology provided for the drawing-up of an interview with questions about the recognition of the phenomenon as well as the methods of approach and intervention undertaken or suggested to the victims. On the basis of the results obtained and the answers to the questionnaire, the project aimed to: Identify how the workers interviewed perceived the phenomenon of stalking and its impacts; identify possible gaps in the interventions undertaken or suggested; and promote a better definition of the phenomenon and greater understanding of it.
The results of the questionnaire provided the basis on which training and awareness raising actions were then developed. The aim of these was to improve the capacity of those most likely to be able to manage the health needs of women who have experienced stalking.