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Women Against Violence - Network of aid organizations - WAVE

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Women Against Violence - Network of aid organizations - WAVE

Network of aid organizations, exchange, coordination point and cooperation on issues related to domestic violence in Europe.





The WAVE network began to take shape in November 1997.  It soon became clear that the number of NGOs working in the general field of violence against women and children was large and potentially unwieldy.  WAVE therefore confined itself to those organizations dealing with violence against women and children in the family and intimate relationships (domestic violence).

A coordination office was set up on the premises of the Information Office Against Violence in Vienna, Ausralia. The office serves as an information and service office for members and others. It brings together data collection functions, dissemination, publications and events. It is also a point of contact between women’s aid bodies in Europe and facilitates information flow. The resource database compiled as part of the project is also supported by the office and vice-versa.

The Irish partner took on coordination of the contact service to NGOs, a service that was supported by a newsletter.  Focal points are also kept informed through a regular e-mail bulletin and via the website set up.
The project included a conference on Domestic Violence at which country reports from 23 European countries plus Georgia and the US were presented.  The report from this conference, and a lobbying guide prepared by the Irish partner, were additional concrete outputs of the project.


Material available

· Report on First European WAVE Conference, January 1998 (English, Geman)
· WAVE  Network Annual Report (English)
· WAVE Newsletters 1-4 (1998) (English, French)
· Northern Ireland Women’s Aid on behalf of WAVE: Challenging violence against women: A lobbying guide to Europe, Brussels 1998 (English)