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Violence linked to Sensory Impaired People: a case of awareness-raising

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Violence linked to Sensory Impaired People: a case of awareness-raising

The project addresses self-harm and the numerous health impacts that accompany sensory impairment. Self-harm can take many forms, some obvious, others, less so: suicides, contemplation of suicides, self-mutilation, self-denial, self-hurt, low self-esteem, over-protective and over-compensatory parent/guardians – indicate the transition from true violence to lesser categories of harm.


The specific aim of the project is to contribute to the prevention of, and the fight against all forms of violence. This general aim was achieved by:


1. raising awareness of sensory impaired people being attacked  on the street, at home, at school, at work, in pubs and clubs, in sports centres, other public settings;

2. raising awareness of violent self-harm by sensory impaired people: reasons, occasions, locations, types;

3. increasing capacity of those working with at risk : young people/women/families by dissemination in partners countries, by mail-shots to organisations, by pilot training session at RNC and partners countries, by going out to organisation and communicating the messages of the project.


The project raised awareness in the following groups: selected educational establishments; selected medical centres; parents/guardians, youth workers; sectoral organisations, as well as exploring and developing strategies for educating those prone to harming themselves. The awareness raised by this project can be of benefit to others and for the sake of transferability, it is worth considering immigrant and ethnic groups with impairments – here the concern is doubled, firstly because they are not native and secondly because of the impairment.


The project consists of a sequential format falling into three main parts: (i) Defining and refining the message; (ii) Writing and testing the message as training packs; (iii) Communicating the message to all.