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Survivors speak up for their dignity – supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence

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Survivors speak up for their dignity – supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence

The project aimed to address the problem of women survivors of domestic violence having a low self-esteem as a result of the ongoing violence and previous socialisation. Furthermore, the project aimed to address the low level of consciousness among (younger) women on what a balanced, democratic, human rights based relationship is.


This was achieved through mobilizing women survivors of violence to become involved in providing victim support. In order to reduce the risk of other women becoming victims of violence, a Peer-support Group Manual in English and in the native languages of the participating countries was produced that can be used as a training package and capacity building tool by existing networks. The Manual provide guidelines on how to set up and sustain peer-support groups for victims of domestic violence. With the help of this manual, survivors and professionals are able to organise, manage and run support groups with women affected by domestic violence, that operate according to European good practice, enabling survivors to look at their own past in the context of women's human right, and to increase their self-esteem that has been methodically undermined by their abusers. Accompanying measures were a 3-month promotion and a 1-3 month mobilisation campaign in each partner-country developed by the group of beneficiaries and experts to inform beneficiaries about the Manual and to promote the notion of peer-support.


The following results were achieved:

  • A Manual on how to set up, lead and sustain peer-support groups and networks of such groups for women victims and potential victims of violence has been written, published and distributed in 150 hard copies/country in English and in 200 copies and in Pdf format on the websites for each partner in their languages, and is available for further international use.
  • A promotional campaign directed towards the intermediary groups about the availability of the Manual and the leaflets and calling attention to the subsequent campaign ran for 3 months in each partner country.
  • Heightened feeling of self-determination in victims of violence by a mobilization and prevention campaign in each country directed towards the direct and indirect beneficiary groups ran for 1-3 months (depending on the country) encouraging them to reach out and form their groups with the help of the Manual. This part of the campaign also serves the purpose of awareness raising among potential victims (prevention).
  • Information on the effectiveness of such action in 5 countries is widely available and provide basis for further action.


Beneficiaries of the project are women in general, and women affected by domestic violence (currently or prior) and their children in particular.