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Sexual Abuse Against Children at Residential Institutions

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Sexual Abuse Against Children at Residential Institutions

Within this project were published reports with analyses and data on the phenomenon “sexual abuse against children at residential institutions”. The reports contained information on the sexual abuse dimensions in the countries involved. A separate report was produced called “Comparative International Research “Sexual Abuse against children at residential institutions” – Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland”. The report was published in 7 languages. All reports and analysis are available on the project’s website at www.sacri-sapi.eu.


Part of this project was also a training movie, whose goal was to help change attitudes and raise the level of sensitivity and awareness of both professional and nonprofessional communities, and decision makers. The film had two parts and presented the dimensions and types of sexual abuse, the factors for vulnerability of children in institutions, the symptoms of sexual abuse. It also provided a brief review of the identified good practices, such as activities, services, and programmes for prevention of sexual abuse of children, and more particularly, children at institutions.


In order to accelerate the creation and adoption of preventive policies on national and European level, the project produced a set of recommendations for prevention child abuse in residential institutions. They maintained a national and European focus and suggested guidelines regarding the policies for: prevention of abuse towards children in residential institutions; rights of children in residential institutions; guaranteeing the quality care for children as part of prevention of sexual abuse. The recommendations were published in 7 languages (English, French, Bulgarian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish) and were disseminated electronically via the project’s website.