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Project Lead - Inform to Prevent

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Project Lead - Inform to Prevent



The Project LEAD – inform to prevent aimed the use of information as an intervention strategy for preventing the occurrence of youth violence victimization and perpetration and for promoting personal safety behaviours, positive and non-violent attitudes and actions towards others.

Partners agreed to approach the youth violence phenomena in a broad perspective, including inside the concept of peer violence several forms of peer violence that might occur between children and young people with the same age level. The importance of conceiving street violence through different forms of manifestation was also enhanced (including information about personal crimes or victimization and also about property crimes). It was also unanimously defended that all the informative resources developed for children and young people during Project LEAD should address violence in a broad perspective, including information about different forms of youth violence, promoting help-seeking behaviours and the report of victimization experiences, providing support and information for victims, preventing (re)victimization and aggressive behaviours.


Project activities and results

The following activities were undertaken within the project:

  • mass media awerness campaigns
  • creation of a website
  • development of a school agenda

This project embodied the power of information through the development of several informative resources or products specifically designed for children and adolescents, using young people as consultants or co-authors, namely, one informative website about different forms violence, strategies for self-protection and for seeking help and support, one awareness campaign with different materials for informing and raising awareness about violence prevention and personal safety and a size school agenda with advice about positive and safety behaviours.

With the help and the experiences shared by our project’s partners, we have also invested on the development of knowledge and information for professionals and support organisations, through the systematization of a best practices report about the most effective strategies or programs of intervention and prevention of youth violence.

The resources produced and disseminated among children, adolescents and professionals enabled the empowerment of the organisations involved in this project, providing the informative tools that we have found needed and fundamental for strengthening our abilities and skills for intervening properly and effectively on youth violence.