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Prevention of violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar for volunteers.

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Prevention of violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar for volunteers.

Bringing together volunteers to prevent violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar, including training and exchange of good practice.


Most of the partners in this project were members of the AIC  organisation.  A seminar organised in Spain brought representatives of these organisations together with volunteers from Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela and Colombia (participation all financed by other donors) to explore the issue of violence against women. 
The seminar included information and education on the theme, particularly on preventing violence; training on dealing with women experiencing violence; exchange of good practice; and the identification of innovative projects.
The participants were all people (mostly women) working in direct contact with women who might be experiencing violence, particularly from disadvantaged groups.
The seminar itself was developed through exchange and meetings among the partners in the project, and the partners also worked to put together a database of projects that might serve as examples for the seminar of transnational projects with elements of good practice.  The seminar also included stands where each organisation could showcase their work and general exchange among the volunteers.

Lessons and ideas

It was a challenge finding the right experts for the seminar, including those who could work with a multilingual audience.  Where those presenting or leading the workshops are not able to function in more than one language, then interpretation is needed and this is expensive and logistically more complex. The issue of interpretation and handling multi-languages should be tackled early on, since it often has significant budgetary implications.


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Material available

· Conclusions from the seminar (Spanish, French, Italian, German)
· Database of organizations working in the area of violence against women (French)