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PeerThink - Forderung einer intersektionalen Jugendgewaltarbeit

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PeerThink - Forderung einer intersektionalen Jugendgewaltarbeit

The project "Peer Think – Tools and Resources for an Intersectional Prevention of Peer Violence" developed several materials for violence prevention with adolescents, which reflected categories like gender, ethnicity, religion, educational background and other social structures systematically.


The resources are provided in the website www.peerthink.eu and they include

- an online manual in 5 languages ( English, French, German, Italian, Slovene) with good practice examples of projects or programmes, educational methods, self-reflection tools, recommendations for implementation, structures for short seminars and guidelines for analysis

- country summaries with an overview on discussions about intersectionality and related topics, violence and violence prevention

- a network of competence and a pool of trainers and experts for lectures, further education, counselling


The project provided information that was aimed at improving the existing work on violence prevention, establishment of new programmes, stimulating research and supporting decision makers to foster violence intervention strategies.