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Kinder und Jugendliche gegen Hausliche Gewalt – " Sprich mit mir!"

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Kinder und Jugendliche gegen Hausliche Gewalt – " Sprich mit mir!"

A significant goal of the project was to inform children and youth about domestic violence and the consequences thereof, to sharpen their awareness of wrongdoing regarding violence in intimate relationships and to outline paths towards helping and supporting, while showing and encouraging the support potential of peers.

In order to reach this goal, project partners in Germany, Austria and Hungary were in cooperation with 33 schools and 5 youth facilities. They developed workshop approaches for the empowerment of children against domestic violence and conducted a total of 72 one and two-day empowerment workshops involving 66 school classes and 6 youth groups. The age of the workshop participants was between 12 and 16 years.

An anonymous and voluntary questionnaire survey amongst the workshop participants (N=794) showed that “domestic violence” is a topic that almost half of those surveyed knew from their own circle of friends and acquaintances.

The project achieved a high resonance, not just from children and adolescents, but also amongst experts: This was supported by

•             the expert conferences held in Stuttgart, Vienna and Budapest, which were widely attended by a broad expert audience and the great demand for conference documentation which was made available for downloading from the project homepage

•             the large demand for the work packages (advanced training materials) for professionals, which were acquired after a 17-month long joint exchange and development process.

The project has succeeded in achieving a lasting impact and was also successful in creating innovative pathways for the prevention of domestic violence and for the support of children as victims of and witnesses to domestic violence.