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Helplines for children and emergency management - Virtual training course for helpline operators

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Helplines for children and emergency management - Virtual training course for helpline operators

The object of the project was to set up a ‘virtual training course’ for helpline operators in the management of emergency situations concerning children and young people, in order to increase the quality of operators based on a common procedure and method.




The first phase of this project involved researching different types of emergencies, and the most appropriate strategies, management procedures and technology required to deal with them. 
The second phase of the project involved developing a training course on CD-ROM, which was tested at the end of the project. The CD-Rom-based training was developed both to move towards a common procedure for training and also to take account of geographical distances and the need to allow people to participate even if they are not able to present to a nominated training venue.

Lessons and ideas

The lead agency reported some difficulties in cooperating with partner organizations in other countries.  This disappointing level of cooperation meant that the lead agency had to carry out most of the research and development of the training package on its own.  It is not easy to find suitable partners for projects across borders.  At the same time, it is a pity to always work with known partners; bringing new organizations into operational partnership and in particular ‘twinning’ small, inexperienced organizations with larger, long-established organizations, was one aim of the Daphne programme and a vital step to adequate responses across Europe.  Finding project partners therefore must be done very carefully and needs to begin well before the project is submitted for funding.

The original plan of the project envisaged that the training course available on CD-ROM would be translated into five languages and widely distributed at the end of the project.  However, the challenge of using a new medium for training purposes became clear and it was decided not to proceed to wide distribution until it had been thoroughly tested first. The project was therefore modified, and the training package was presented to a conference at the European Parliament in January 2000. 
Then, following further testing, 80 copies of the CD-ROM were produced in five languages and distributed to helplines across Europe.


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CD-ROM training programme for the management of emergency situations by the operators of telephone helplines for children (Italian, English)