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The overall aim of the project was to prevent school violence and foster peaceful resolution of conflicts. In particular, the project aimed at multiple objectives including awareness of and education to the culture of non-violence and respect for a real recovery of values ​​such as solidarity and social security within the school community, in order to stop pathological phenomena such as physical assault, racketeering, vandalism and bullying.


Project activities

The following activities were undertaken within the project:

  • workshops;
  • seminars;
  • conferences;
  • debates.

The ultimate goal of all the aforementioned activities was to raise awareness of phenomena such as violence, domestic abuse, bullying in schools as well as peaceful conflict mediation, penal mediation and restorative justice and awareness of the role of public and private institutions.

These programs involved all members of the school community (teachers, students, parents) as well as professionals including police agents and welfare assistants to help create new forms of solidarity among students as well as with the entire educational community.

The project applied the methodology of peer mediation, provided the opening of meditation desks in schools directly managed by the students in the province of Trapani and Dublin. Thus, the students could prevent and manage peer conflicts which emerged in schools.

As for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, in the schools of the province of Trapani and Dublin, training courses on peer mediation and restorative practice were carried out for students and teachers.


Project results

Thanks to the awareness-raising days in schools, the model proposed was made available to a large group of students, teachers and headmasters, thus achieving the project goal of spreading out a culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts.