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Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) - Toward a Consensus

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Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) - Toward a Consensus

Workshops on legal, medical and socio-cultural aspects of FGM within the EU.


This was the first project in a series of Daphne-funded projects aimed at increasing the knowledge base and underpinning actions to combat FGM in Europe.  These projects also provided insights that led to European actions at political level.

This first project aimed to gather information on FGM in Europe and to propose recommendations to combat it in the Member States. The project identified resource groups in Europe, including those working within the affected communities, analysed their activities and drew up an inventory of legal, medical and socio-cultural aspects of FGM in Europe.  A review of legislation was prepared, the opinions of European health professionals and the extent to which they are confronted with FGM-related issues was assessed, and a literature review of socio-cultural and related aspects was undertaken.

An international expert meeting was organized and considered the available information before drafting recommendations for the European Commission.
A baseline database was developed in order to support further networking.

Lessons and ideas

The FGM-specific lessons and recommendations from the project are available in the Final Report.


Material available

Proceedings of the expert meeting on FGM (English)
Database of resource people/organizations working on FGM-related issues in Europe (on ICRH website).