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Europe’s Antibullying Campaign

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Europe’s Antibullying Campaign



Europe's Anti-Bullying Campaign (E-ABC) brought together 6 organisations from 6 countries across Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania), to provide focal points of reference on the issue of bullying for all those that may be victims, offenders or in some other way affected by bullying.



Project activities and results


The following activities were undertaken within the project:


  • national studies;
  • video;
  • manual;
  • a website;
  • interactive platform;
  • digital library.

The conduct of national studies, that included questionnaires, allowed partners to  assess the knowledge base of bullying in various situations amongst students in each partner country.


Following the results and conclusions, the partners worked on the development of an educational tool  aiming at providing the professionals, who work with children, with the innovative and effective material to raise the issue of bullying and its consequences.


Additionally, the tool is supported by a manual that aims at assisting the professionals while introducing and using the tool itself.

To further disseminate the project outcomes, partners created a website that also includes a digital library.

An European Campaign was carried out in order to raise awareness of bullying among different groups, such as educational institutions, media  and NGOs.


Follow-up activities

The recognition of the high importance of the follow up of the project guided the Coordinator to the successful initiative of the European Antibullying Network that creates a permanent activation against bullying all around Europe.