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Project focus and activities

”Street violence”, defined as violence committed by groups of young people in a public space, is an issue in many European countries.

Whilst there are policies, practice and research on the subject, this information had hitherto been difficult to access. It was therefore the aim of the “EU STREET VIOLENCE” project, to make this knowledge accessible to practitioners and policy makers as well as academics.

To this end, an online database (www.streetviolence.eu) was developed, and more than 500 analyses, recommendations and actions (practices) on the issue were collected and coded. The database allows one to search the pool of information by 11 key variables and full text.

The project’s publication “EU Street Violence. Youth groups and violence in public spaces” summarises the insights gained through the project. It was the first application of the knowledge gathered in the database. The partner countries - Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and the UK –  provided an insight into what can be learned on the issue from those countries. It also includes observations made in the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Scandinavia.



The project partners, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) with the support of the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU), the Belgian Forum for Prevention and Urban Security (BFPUS/FBPSU), the Spanish Forum for Prevention and Urban Security (FEPSU), the Emilia Romagna Region, the UK National Community Safety Network (NCSN) and the French non-profit organisation for knowledge engineering, Psytel, largely disseminated information on this tool and resource platform. The Forum is a network of approximately 300 European cities and regions and uses this tool to improve the capacity of local authorities to prevent street violence. Project partners will continue to update the database and invite those who would like to share experience and showcase practice to get in contact with them.


Project results

The insights gained through the project have already found their way into the recommendations of the new Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis manifesto, in which European local authorities took position on urban security. The manifesto is a roadmap for designing and promoting local security policies.

The partners of the EU STREET VIOLENCE will continue bringing this knowledge to practitioners and policy makers and support them implementing it at the local level.