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Cooperation Against Trafficking in South-East Baltic (CATSEB)

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Cooperation Against Trafficking in South-East Baltic (CATSEB)

The project was designed to benefit women, men, girls and boys who are exposed for trafficking for sexual purpose on the basis of their vulnerability, especially in the transit section but also in the other sections: origin and destination.


The problem to which the project was aimed is that the leader partner and partner’s organizations in the South – East Baltic countries since several years have fairy lines connections and the number of trafficked persons from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to South Sweden is increasing because of these new lines. To success with working against trafficking demands organized cross-border cooperation.


The aim was to raise the competence and awareness about trafficking in human beings and how to work against it and to find methods to protect and give the victims support. To make the co-operation at regional level successful multisectoral networks will be established at the local level of every city that is part of the regional network.


The results of the project have been:

• Develop and expound forms and routines for cross-border cooperation.

• Establish a functional network with NGO´s, municipalities and official actors in the cities connected with ferry lines in the south-east Baltic.

• Raise awareness of trafficking in human beings and to raise the competence to work against it.

Beside those, the following aim has been completed during the project:

• Find methods of protecting and supporting the victims.


Within the project the situation in each participating country was mapped, training seminars mainly for professionals, but also seminar for awareness-raising purposes aiming to wider public were held (6-9 in each country), an informative brochure, a booklet about the project including a short activity plan and factors for successful cooperation in the future and local cooperation plans in each participating country were produced.


Main beneficiaries of the project are young people and women at risk of being victims of trafficking.