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Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography

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Analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence - Guidelines for good practices, bibliography

Mobilisation of partners in the field of analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence in order to break the silence and undermine taboos that still prevent the issue from being discussed in public, and stop women seeing violence against them as a source of shame and embarrassment.
This was an interactive project in which research involved beneficiaries and where information was disseminated to a wider public. A study was undertaken from which guidelines were produced for good practices and a bibliography related to law and gender issues. Psychosocial issues were also addressed with data collected from victims of domestic violence.




The project aimed to mobilise partners and raise awareness of the phenomenon of violence, particularly domestic violence.  Its specific aims were:
·  To produce awareness-raising brochures and other materials, and use these in a publicity campaign called ‘Violência Entre Laços(Violence within bonds).  The materials included: a logo designed for the project, publicity posters, leaflets and brochures in each of the partners languages (Spanish, Finnish and Portuguese).  These were sent to local, regional and national press and to local and regional institutions.
·  To increase awareness among the authorities by developing effective means of combating the phenomenon;
·  To create a Violence Observatory (identification, reception, treatment, and study of the phenomenon of violence in the family, economic, and social context (causes and effects).  To collect the necessary data a questionnaire and guidelines for interviews with victims of domestic violence were developed.;
·  To publish the results gathered by the Violence Observatory
·   The creation of a network of local, regional, national, and transnational partners to encourage inter-institutional and inter-sectoral intervention and cooperation in favour of the prevention of violence.


Lessons and ideas

Please see extensive lessons deriving from the research in the project’s Final Report.

Material available

· Domestic violence questionnaire
· Guidelines for interviewing victims of violence
· Beck depression self-assessment scale
· Information analysis matrix
· Reports on transnational meetings
· Reports on discussions groups
· Discussions groups evaluation questionnaire
· Individual process –V.D.V. assistance office
· Project publicity poster and leaflet
· Slides for use in awareness-raising/training of young people
· Publication:  Domestic violence A non-random affair