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Analysis of male violence in the Armed Forces and assistance to victims and their families

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Analysis of male violence in the Armed Forces and assistance to victims and their families

Study of the male violence in the army and its transfer to domestic violence. Information and assistance to victims and their families.Advocacy and lobbying.


The aims of this project were:
. To study and combat abuse in the military service, in particular to prevent the risk of sexual aggression towards service women;
. To analyse the sociological profiles of this violence and the male image that supports it;
. To study the extension of this violence into domestic violence, principally towards women and their children;
. To analyse the repercussions of these in the ethical values both of the aggressor and the victims;
. To help victims and relatives with legal advice and medical aid;
. To study civil legislation and to advocate in the countries to analyse the measures stipulated against violence and to make proposals for change.

To do this, the project set out :
. To make a sociological study of the profiles of violence among veterans and recruits, the imaginary masculinity that supports them and its contribution to the development of male violence;
. Through surveys, to study its later transformation in the civil area into violence against women and children. To quantify the scope of this violence;
. To put at the disposal of the public and victims, counselling and information services regarding their rights;
. To prepare a study on the civil legislation and to lobby in both countries and to establish proposals to combat violence legally in the military service;
. To sensitise public opinion and the authorities;
. To establish social and legislative proposals to eradicate this violence.

Material available

. Sociological study
. Compendium of military legislation (on CD-Rom)
. Posters, leaflets for awareness raising