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Minorités ethniques

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1997-025-WC Protection against violence in their families for young women of muslim origin in Germany - PAPATYA
1998-111-WC Radio information campaign - Non-Violence Info - Local community stations
1998-119-WC Analysis of the mechanisms of the Spanish criminal justice system in the overrepresentation of Roma women in prisons.
1998-156-W Safe Cities for Women
1998-193-WC On The Safe Side - Guidance to schools, women’s groups and community organisations about personal safety
1999-036-WC Female genital mutilation (FGM) - European network
1999-057-W The role of the media in the prevention of violence towards women - Instruments for the use by journalists
1999-066-WC Women, children and young people victims of violence - Training to service providers and standards of good practice - The SOPHIA project
1999-105-W Trafficking in women - Surveys, training and support
1999-160-C NCH - Assessing Risk in Protecting Children from Abuse or Neglect - Conference - Child Care Development Service
1999-242-C The disclosure of child sexual abuse - Comparative analysis and recommendations
1999-318-W Sexual exploitation - End their enslavement by pimps - The Cabiria 2000 project
1999-319-WC New models of support for victims of human trafficking - Kosovo
2000-064-C Directory of organisations working in the area of missing and sexually exploited children
2000-190-W European network of health care relating to conjugal violence
2000-269-WC Working with violent men as part of a multi-agency approach to tackling domestic abuse
2000-334-W Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Awareness-raising, training and information for General Practitioners - None touches Eve
2000-338-C Unaccompanied minors as a vulnerable group - Political action on a European level - The MinMig project
2000-395-C The phenomenon of bullying - Intervening in locations where youths meet informally - The LUCY project
2001-006-C Coalition for Integration of Roma Children in Europe - Corporal punishment and child labour - The CIRCE project


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