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1997-025-WC Protection against violence in their families for young women of muslim origin in Germany - PAPATYA
1998-215-WC For a true abolition of slavery
1999-036-WC Female genital mutilation (FGM) - European network
1999-057-W The role of the media in the prevention of violence towards women - Instruments for the use by journalists
1999-105-W Trafficking in women - Surveys, training and support
1999-160-C NCH - Assessing Risk in Protecting Children from Abuse or Neglect - Conference - Child Care Development Service
1999-242-C The disclosure of child sexual abuse - Comparative analysis and recommendations
1999-285-W Awareness raising in the workplace of the issue of domestic violence - Training module and information/publicity packs
2000-022-C Evaluation and treatment of victims of intra family sexual abuse and their sexual aggressors - The KALEIDOS project
2000-190-W European network of health care relating to conjugal violence
2000-269-WC Working with violent men as part of a multi-agency approach to tackling domestic abuse
2000-395-C The phenomenon of bullying - Intervening in locations where youths meet informally - The LUCY project
2001-006-C Coalition for Integration of Roma Children in Europe - Corporal punishment and child labour - The CIRCE project
2001-016-YC Paedophilia, sexual abuse and prostitution of minors - The KIRIADE-KINDA project
2001-042-YC Internet use and sex offenders - Development of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy module
2001-045-YC Victims of sexual abuse - Developing tools for prevention and treatment - Survey, data collection and networking
2001-165-WYC Women victims of domestic violence - Resources, methodologies for professionals - CESIS
2001-273-W Migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women - Radio campaign around International Day against Violence towards Women - Speak up !
2002-004-YC Adult sexual interest in children expressed through child pornograph - Telehealth resource, self help material and procedures
2002-007-W New opportunities for care and support for women in contact with disability - The ALBA project


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