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Adolescents / Young people

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2001-021-W Femmigration 2 - Legal Agenda online for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women
2001-028-WYC Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) of Somali women and girls in Finland and Denmark - Development of community-based methods
2001-042-YC Internet use and sex offenders - Development of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy module
2001-045-YC Victims of sexual abuse - Developing tools for prevention and treatment - Survey, data collection and networking
2001-068-WYC Safeguarding and assisting children and adults with learning disabilities from sexual abuse - A knowledge centre
2001-073-WYC Anti-violence (self-defence) training: A key aspect of prevention and self-help for women and girls
2001-074-WYC Sexual abuse - Training project to protect children, young people and women with learning disabilities
2001-076-W Evaluation of medical care in conjugal violence - Comparative analysis and recommendations
2001-079-C Sexual abuse - Multi-disciplinary distance training - The JOCASTE project
2001-101-W Sexual violence against girls and women in rural areas
2001-161-YC Unaccompanied minor migrants- Research, analysis, information, recommendations
2001-163-YC Responding and managing conflict between young people in the school setting .
2001-165-WYC Women victims of domestic violence - Resources, methodologies for professionals - CESIS
2001-166-WC Violence against children and methods of intervention - From Silence to Words
2001-169-W Trafficked women - Assistance to victims through reception centres
2001-202-WYC AWARE I - Sexualized and gendered violence - Increasing awareness in educational organisations
2001-214-W Addiction work with women who have experienced violence - Models of good practice, courses
2001-215-W Violence against elderly women - European Forum for Urban Security
2001-273-W Migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women - Radio campaign around International Day against Violence towards Women - Speak up !
2002-009-WY Migrant women prostitutes connected with the slave trade in women - Empowerment of defence strategies


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