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The EU aluminium industry had an annual turnover of €61.5 billion in 2018
Jul 20 2021

US tariffs on aluminium increased prices for US importers and consumers without any major effect on US imports from the EU and on global overcapacity, according to an assessment published today by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The large number of innovative light-EV products placed on the market would require to create a new category for LMT batteries and to switch targets on a more "future-proof" approach for better collection and recycling.
Jul 19 2021

In support to the legislative process, a new JRC report explores modernisation of the collection rules to ensure the efficient, safe and fair collection of waste batteries from Light Means of Transport.

‘Deep’ building renovations are needed for the EU to move towards a climate neutral building stock
Jul 19 2021

‘One Stop Shops’ could help owners and tenants overcome difficulties and start a building renovation or refurbishment process.

The New European Bauhaus sets out to find beautiful, sustainable and inclusive solutions for our living spaces.
Jul 15 2021

 In January, the Commission called on all Europeans to join in and help co-design a project to connect the European Green Deal to our living spaces and rethink the way we live together.