EU Science Hub

Working group 1

Exploration, demonstration and production projects in the EU

Chair: Prof. Gregory Pienkowski, Polish Geological Survey (PGI)
Vice-Chair: Dr Alwyn Hart, England Environment Agency

The Network should collect data obtained from exploration and possible demonstration and production projects as well as related research projects carried out in the EU and carry out a comparative assessment.

Such assessment can be put in perspective with similar projects carried out abroad. This effort should take into account data inter alia gathered from the reporting of Member States on exploration and production of hydrocarbons using high volume hydraulic fracturing (as per Recommendation 2014/70/EU) but should not be restricted to this technology.

Current exploration and possible demonstration projects as well as related research projects should contribute to assessing resources, adjusting existing technologies to the local geological situation and assessing impacts of applied technologies on the environment.


  • Comprehensive list of existing as well as, where relevant, planned projects in the EU
  • Database, which is continuously updated, specifying for each project:
  1. Location and operator
  2. technical and environmental data available
  3. data related to the potential of the reservoir
  4. assessment of data gathered with regard to technically and economically recoverable potential and environmental impacts and risks
  5. occurrences of incidents, their causes, consequences and remediation actions taken (per project)
  • Comparative analysis of all projects assessed, including, if appropriate, comparison at international level
  • Presentation of results at the annual conference
  • Summary of the results in yearly reports