EU Science Hub

Working group 2

Emerging technologies for well simulation

Chair: Dr Francois Kalaydjian, IFP Energies Novelles
Vice-Chair: Eric Vaughan, Cuadrilla

The Network should complement, further deepen and update the JRC document of 2013 providing "an overview of hydraulic fracturing and other formation stimulation technologies for shale gas production" based on practical experience with these technologies in exploration, possible demonstration and production projects in and outside the EU.


  • Comprehensive list of emerging technologies used in exploration and possible demonstration and pilot production projects at global scale
  • Based on this list, a yearly report on:
  • Emerging technologies that may be suitable for use in the EU and their possible timeframe for use,
  • Assessment of economic, environmental and climate change related pros and cons in comparison to currently used fracturing techniques.
  • Presentation of results at the annual conference