TrainMiC patronage

Dear colleagues,

I consider it a great honour and pleasure to accept the Patronage of the TrainMiC® programme.

When being the IRMM director, the JRC set aside funds for supporting the Enlargement of the European Union and I stimulated the IRMM management to come up with suggestions of various activities which could be set up.

The IRMM was one of the leading institutes in this area in the JRC and it hosted scientists and organised events in many countries. But the TrainMiC® programme is probably the best example of an activity which went beyond and resulted in the creation of a big learning community in Europe.

It gives me great pleasure to see how it has flourished: more than 6000 people participating to courses, teams operating all across Europe, some 80 authorised trainers and material translated in 14 languages and a strong interest from outside the EU.

Thanks to all your effort, both all of you in the member states as well as the IRMM staff. You did a great job and as your Patron, I will promote your activity whereever I can.

I would close by saying that I wish all of you great success for the next 10 years.

Prof. Dr Manfred Grasserbauer