How does TrainMiC work?

TrainMiC® relies on a distributed implementation, and therefore clear responsibilities are set both at European and national level. The programme runs under a quality system and is certified against ISO-9001.

At national level, the teams are responsible for the TrainMiC® activity. The national team leader proposes persons in his/her country that are interested and capable of becoming an authorised trainer. After these have followed appropriate training, the national trainers are authorised.

At European level, the key processes are the running of a management board and the operation of an editorial board (see TrainMiC® boards). 

The management board sets the TrainMiC® policies, creates and controls the processes (e.g. the quality of training courses) and the products (e.g. the course content). This board also identifies and appoints national team leaders.

The editorial board is involved in the development and revision of TrainMiC® training material.

Every two years, authorised trainers are invited to a common assembly, called a convention. The idea is to share experience in teaching and the use of the training material. At such an event, there is also a council of national team leaders where participants can exchange their experience and discuss new national needs and initiatives.

As the need arises, candidate trainers are trained at an European training-of-trainers event. They are exposed in detail to all the presentations and the attendees learn about the TrainMiC® system and quality assurance issues.

TrainMiC trainings and events

Training is performed using the TrainMiC® material that has been reviewed, approved and edited by the editorial board.

Hard copies of the authorised training material are distributed to the training participants. The TrainMiC® modules are being translated in various languages, under the responsibility of the national team leaders. Today, the course material is available in Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish. Other language translations are ongoing.

Certificates for participation to TrainMiC® courses are awarded, stating the details of the course including the modules that were followed.

TrainMiC® courses are organised under the responsibility of National TrainMiC® teams.

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