TrainMiC Boards

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board ensures the quality of the TrainMiC® products and activities and for this creates appropriate procedures, sets quality criteria (e.g. for training material, events and trainers) and oversees the operation of TrainMiC®. It hence ensures proper implementation, internal and external communication, including public relations.

Twice a year the advisory board meets and is chaired by the programme leader, who is an active IRMM staff member.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board designs and maintains (via annual revision) the harmonised teaching material. It is composed of persons actively involved in training and with the necessary educational background. Via such a combined European effort, material is produced that does not reflect the opinion of a set of individuals, but integrates knowledge.

Board members are predominantly elected from the trainers of the national teams. In this way, the Board members have excellent knowledge on how the material is used during the training events. The Board operates according to a set of specific procedures which incorporates a number of checks and balances to achieve that the material is of proper quality and matures during the extensive review process. The Board also takes into consideration input received from national trainers and from course participants.

At least once a year the editorial board meets and consists of a chair, a vice-chair and several members, who are presentation responsibles.

Former Advisory/Editorial Board members

  • M. Kolar (Slovenia)
  • M. Lauwaars (the Netherlands)
  • I. Leito (Estonia)
  • B. Magnusson (Sweden)
  • N. Majcen (Slovenia)
  • T. Martisius (Lithuania)
  • E. Prichard (United Kingdom)
  • P. Robouch (IRMM)
  • M. Rós (Slovenia)
  • M. Suchanek (Czech Republic)
  • L. Van Nevel (IRMM)