Training programmes

  1. Euromaster programme, "Measurement Science in Chemistry", is offered by a consortium of nine European universities. It provides advanced training to students pursuing a career in analytical sciences.

  2. Improving chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey.

    Acronym: EMIT
  3. The JRC is organising training workshops with worked examples in order to transfer background knowledge and expertise of Eurocode writers to potential trainers at national level and to Eurocode users. The workshops and related training material contribute to a consistent implementation and use of the Eurocodes and facilitate training within the Member States.

  4. TrainMiC® is a European programme for life-long learning about how to interpret the metrological requirements of ISO/IEC-17025 for chemical and bio-analytical measurements in many different sectors (environment, food, consumer protection, etc.).

    Acronym: TrainMiC