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Europe and metrology in Turkey (EMIT) - Completed

Improving chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey.


The three-year project (01/10/2009 – 30/09/2012)  funded by the European Union under the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA) aimed to enhance the measurement capacity for chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey. An enhanced measurement infrastructure in Turkey will afford its citizens an increased quality of life in areas such as environment, health, food safety and consumer protection. The three main beneficiary institutes involved were TÜBİTAK UME, TAEK-SANAEM and TAEK-ÇNAEM. Other beneficiaries included universities, control laboratories and other research institutes.

The project's objectives were mainly achieved by means of two types of training (long term and short term). Long term training involved hosting 16 Turkish scientists at JRC-IRMM and two Turkish scientists at PTB, Germany. Short term training involved 36 scientific workshops, 20 study visits, five technical advice visits, 14 seminar lectures, three sessions in conferences, one conference and ten conference participations.

For each workshop carried out there is a descriptive leaflet and agenda which can be downloaded via the Agenda archive below.

Download the project leaflet (in English and Turkish)  

Project reports

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S03-01, -02, -06 and -12. VERMI 5 (Primary standardisation techniques in radionuclide metrology; gamma ray spectrometry; liquid scintillation, ion chambers and radionuclide calibrators). No leaflet EMIT S03-01, -02, 06, -12 Agenda.pdf
S01-01 Use of certified reference materials and the estimation of measurement uncertainty. EMIT S01-01 LEAFLET.pdf EMIT S01-01 Agenda.pdf
S03-17 Radiochemical lab practice. No leaflet EMIT S03-17 AGENDA.pdf
S03-18 Therapy level dosimetry. No leaflet EMIT S03-18 Agenda.pdf
S01-02 Processing of certified reference materials. EMIT S01-02 leaflet.pdf EMIT S01-02 AGENDA.pdf
S04-03 Roadmap for facilitating educational innovations in metrology in chemistry and ionising radiation EMIT S04-03 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-03 agenda.pdf
S04-04_09 Sampling, metrology in chemistry, internal QC, applied statistics, method optimisation, selection and use of RMs, inter laboratory comparisons…. EMIT S04-04_09 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-04_09 agenda.pdf
S01-03 Certification of reference materials EMIT S01-03 leaflet.pdf EMIT S01-03 AGENDA.pdf
S02-01 Isotopic methodology and metrology in chemistry to inorganic reference measurements EMIT S02-01 leaflet.pdf EMIT S02-01 agenda.pdf
S04-14 Safety of food & feed – requirements of an analytical laboratory. EMIT S04-14 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-14 agenda.pdf
S04-13 Metrology in nanotechnology EMIT S04-13 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-13 Agenda.pdf
S03-10 Sample preparation and instrument efficiency calibration in liquid scintillation counting. EMIT S03-10 leaflet.pdf EMIT S03-10 agenda.pdf
S03-25 Contamination survey meter calibration. No leaflet EMIT S03-25 Agenda.pdf
S03-27 QA/QC  management in radiation therapy  EMIT S03-27 leaflet.pdf EMIT S03-27 Agenda.pdf
S03-05 Advanced gamma-ray spectrometry EMIT S03-05 LEAFLET.pdf EMIT S03-05 agenda.pdf
S01-04 Use of certified reference materials EMIT S01-04 leaflet.pdf EMIT S01-04 agenda.pdf
S01-10 Planning, preparation and certification of reference materials No leaflet EMIT S01-10 AGENDA.pdf
S01-05 Preparation of reference materials EMIT S01-05  EMIT S01-05 agenda.pdf
S04-02 Integrated quality systems: an interpretation for universities EMIT S04-02 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-02 agenda.pdf
S03-11 Multi-label liquid scintillation counting EMIT S03-11 leaflet.pdf EMIT S03-11 agenda.pdf
S01-06 Certification of reference materials EMIT S01-06 and S01-12 Leaflet.pdf EMIT S01-06 and S01-12 AGENDA.pdf
S01-12 Assignment of the reference value for the CRM  EMIT S01-06 and S01-12 Leaflet.pdf EMIT S01-06 and S01-12 AGENDA.pdf
S03-03 Advanced gamma-ray spectrometry EMIT S03-03 Leaflet.pdf EMIT S03-03 Agenda.pdf
S04-16 Auditing of integrated management systems EMIT S04-16 LEAFLET.pdf EMIT S04-16 AGENDA.pdf
S02-02 Isotopic methodology and metrology in chemistry to inorganic reference measurements EMIT S02-02 leaflet.pdf EMIT S02-02 agenda.pdf
S04-15 Setting up your QM system - who to train, on what, when and how? EMIT S04-15 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-15 agenda.pdf
S04-11 Statistics and uncertainty determination for radionuclide applications EMIT S04-11 LEAFLET.pdf EMIT S04-11 AGENDA.pdf
S04-10 Proficiency testing and statistical evaluation EMIT S04-10 leaflet.pdf EMIT S04-10 agenda.pdf