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ESARDA course on nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation

ESARDA, the European Safeguards Research and Development Association, is comprised of European organisations actively involved in the Research and Development of Nuclear Safeguards. The ESARDA network includes national regulatory authorities, operators of nuclear facilities, and research centres and universities.

ESARDA's main objective is to assist the European safeguards community with the advancement of safeguards, enhancing the efficiency of systems and measures, as well as investigating how new techniques can be developed and implemented.

The course aims to give the students an insight view on proliferation aspects of the fuel cycle, while pointing to proliferation sensitive installations and the efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear material and nuclear technology for manufacturing nuclear devices. In the course an overview of the non-proliferation system is presented, including safeguards principles, export control, inspection tasks. The students familiarise with the safeguards principles and the complete inspection philosophy. Some major technical means and inspector tools are highlighted as an example. Subjects are: nuclear fuel cycle, safeguards principles, Treaties and Agreements, nuclear material accountancy and control, verification technologies, analytical techniques, non destructive assay, sealing, surveillance and monitoring techniques; monitoring of transport of nuclear and radioactive material.

This one course is given by the JRC Institute for Reference Transuranium Elements (JRC-ITU, Ispra, Italy) and is delivered in English. The course is open to master degree students, in particular nuclear engineering students, but also to young professionals and international relations/ law students.

The Course is recognized by ENEN as standard component of the Master Science in Engineering. The Course is cost-free. University students can apply for accommodation free of charge, but only a limited number of places per university are available. Travel costs are not reimbursed.

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