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Course on Accelerators and neutron measurements

The JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), located in Geel, Belgium is equipped with a unique scientific infrastructure for highly accurate neutron cross-section measurements. It is a combination of two accelerator facilities: a 150 MeV linear electron accelerator, GELINA, and a 7 MV light-ion Van de Graaff accelerator. The complementary research capabilities offered at the two IRMM accelerators create excellent opportunities for training in nuclear measurements.

This training is suitable for participants from universities, nuclear research organizations and nuclear industries.

The topics treated during the theoretical part of the course are: physics aspects and importance of neutron measurements; basic principles of cross-section measurements; neutron data for nuclear waste transmutation and design of advanced reactor systems and fuel cycles; analysis techniques; basic physics of accelerators and applications; safety aspects. In view of the SARA objectives (applications and safety of radiation and radionuclides) the hands-on training concentrates on time-of-flight neutron cross-section measurements at GELINA, on neutron fluence spectrometry at the Van de Graaff facility and on dose mapping of the GELINA neutron flight path area.

The two-day course, given by the JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM), organized on a regular basis within the framework of the Erasmus Intensive Program from the CHERNE network. The IP-project SARA (Safe Application of RAdiation and radionuclides) coordinates training and education for nuclear engineering students of a consortium of 8 European technical Universities, grouped in the CHERNE network.

This two-day course is given by the IRMM and is delivered in English. The course is open to Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering students of the 7 universities associated with the CHERNE network. If there is a need the course can also made available to other students at the Master level. The Course is cost-free.

For further information: Willy MONDELAERS,